About Dragons Gate

In All Things and At All Times,  IMG_1165 - Cut
Be it Magical or Mundane,
Both In Public and In Private,
Whether it be convenient or not,
We Strive to Keep the Balance.


“Throughout my entire life  I have always been strongly drawn to the spiritual, and had “strange” abilities to know, see and change “things” around me. Although for many years I thought little of it, doing my best to live a normal life…..”
                                                                                 Jennifer Hamad 2016

Dragons Gate has been around for a few years in one form or another first being established in Brighton during early 2001 as WiccaWork. This was intended to help me gain an understanding what was happening around me and why.

After a couple of years I changed the name to Dragons Gate and concentrated on a more holistic approach. Business had improved and so I began looking for people from different traditions who knew what they were on about to come and work with me.

It wasn’t long before things really took off and Dragons Gate IMG_1166---Cutbecame the premier Occult shop on the South Coast and one of the top few in the country before the first steps were taken in founding the Academy of Magic with Dragons Gate as the first contact and retail arm.

In 2010 the “banking crash” and ensuing recession had hit and people were really feeling the greed of international corruption. At the same time my husband, Sam, became quite disabled and so, as the wheel of fate turned I withdrew, cutting myself off from virtually all contact with the community I loved so much and devoted myself to caring for Sam…..

The wheel turns slowly, but now I find myself being drawn more and more strongly to return to my path and so my thoughts turn once again to Dragons Gate and the Academy of Magic……

Many of my closest friends and advisors, whom I have not seen for years have slowly begun popping back into my life just as though the last five years’ absence didn’t really happen and so today I am trying to restart/rebuild an occult presence in Brighton at https://www.facebook.com/DragonsGate.AOM/ and struggling to build a new website at www.Dragons-Gate.co.uk.

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