A bumpy ride means it’s time to heal the sores…..

Here’s a thing to consider……

On hearing the result of the referendum  I was Saddened.Sad-Robot

Now, before you rush to put your explanation of my feelings and judgement of me in the box labelled “Jennifer”, stop for a minute and consider why I voted to leave……..

Democracy, or the lack of it, the Big Stick Bullying tactics of a centrally focused autocracy, and the replacement of Social values with those of  Corporate Globalism.

Yet, there is much good that has come out of Europe.

environment-1There have been some good moves towards awareness and protection of the environment that we may not have been able to trust the governments we otherwise empowered to deliver.

Equality of individuals, opportunities for the future and an open minded awareness of the cultures existing in other countries are not to be sniffed at either, but there is an underlying elitism running along behind everything undertaken or given by the european rulers.

There are good trade opportunities with Europe, and freedom of movement is no bad thing, but having spent years in business and investing in “the markets” I can say with certainty that many of the european rules and changes have been cost heavy to the UK and protectionist towards central european industry…..
But the rest of the world is still out there and most of them are not threatening us for daring to  disobey their will.

The Commonwealth, which we were required to “give up” as a condition of entry to the european market, has expressed a desire for us to return to terms and just like the UK they have retained the monarch as figurehead, whilst also expressing a desire for their future continuation in this  role.
I am not suggesting that this is of primary importance – only that it shows a willingness or desire for the future. Remember also that many of the fastest growing economies are to An-inclusive-Commonwealthbe found amongst Commonwealth countries, as are many of the manufacturing skills that we lost as a result of european competition laws and the ensuing privatisation.

How will it go with us now…..??

I don’t know that I, or anyone else, can say with certainty.

It does seem likely that the next 10 years could be “a little bumpy”, but we won’t end up as street urchins thrusting our begging bowls at the feet of the rest of the world. We have friends out there…. Friends who are willing to help even as we are expected to help others in our turn.

I note that there are many who grew up with Europe  at the centre of their vision who are also  saddened, or angered, by the vote. Some are even “Furious”…..
Was the whole world truly pulled from under their feet and destroyed, or did they just broaden their horizons??

Regardless as to how we voted, or why, now it’s time for us to put aside our differences, to consider our future, and begin to heal the sores.


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