The Journals

Here you will find the murmerings of the sages including Black Bears’ Indian Wisdom, Prosperos’ Insights, Patrcks Reiki Musings and the Occasional Utterings of Lady Jennifer.

  • Black Bear and the Magician
    Black Bear and the Magician
    An ancient people from an ancient land, ancient wisdom lies in his hands.
  • Patrick
    Respect your elders and listen attentively at their feet.
  • Lady Jennifer
    Lady Jennifer
    Harken unto the utterances of our own Lady Jennifer.

Black Bears Indian Wisdom.     –     Bio Page Here

Patricks Reiki Musings.      –     Bio Page Here

Occasional Utterings of Lady Jennifer.      –     Bio Page Here

Faery Ophelia’s Oratory.      –     Bio Page Here

Prosperos Insights.      –     Bio Page Here

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