Good Morning to you all……
Have a Cool Yule
From all the team at Dragons Gate.

Black Moon

I have recently been asked about the upcoming “Black Moon” and seen comments and some confusion on social media concerning both it and the “Blue Moon”…….


This raises an interesting question and one that worthy of debate, but there is another more basic one which must also be considered. Continue reading Black Moon

A day with Doreen in Brighton

Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Doreen Valiente exhibition at Preston Manor.

The weather was probably against too many people participating in the Talks, the Poetry and the Ritual but in a way I am glad. For whilst there were not too many present it meant there was plenty of opportunity for meeting people and chatting afterwards.

It was quite simply the best day I have had for a long time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Continue reading A day with Doreen in Brighton

A bumpy ride means it’s time to heal the sores…..

Here’s a thing to consider……

On hearing the result of the referendum  I was Saddened.Sad-Robot

Now, before you rush to put your explanation of my feelings and judgement of me in the box labelled “Jennifer”, stop for a minute and consider why I voted to leave……..

Democracy, or the lack of it, the Big Stick Bullying tactics of a centrally focused autocracy, and the replacement of Social values with those of  Corporate Globalism.

Yet, there is much good that has come out of Europe. Continue reading A bumpy ride means it’s time to heal the sores…..

The Terrible Sorrows of Spring

I have been enveloped by an old English tune for some time and have heard several versions but only one, Birds-in-the-Estuary-2a haunting melody by”The Mediaeval Baebes”, has such beauty and sorrow within it that I Continue reading The Terrible Sorrows of Spring

Intuition, Insanity or just thinking about it?

Third-eye-imageHow do you know when the cards/ Runes/ Spirits are talking to you?
What is it like when you feel something?
How does your intuition work??
How do you know that it’s not just……..

It is not enough to know the answer to these questions as it’s not the kind of thing you can teach or be taught. For sure anyone can glibly repeat the example of thinking about someone just before they call, but often it’s not so obvious as that.

So what is the difference between thinking of someone and Continue reading Intuition, Insanity or just thinking about it?

If you must growl at the Gods – Don’t Bloody Give Up!!

Well here’s a thing……
A few days ago I managed to breakwhoops
the website.
I don’t know how – but it was definitely broken…..

I tried to fix it – with no luck.
Again and again – but still no luck.

As a final solution I overwrote everything with a fresh install prepared to start again from scratch………
But I had some backups….

So I spent a day learning how to connect to my own server with FileZilla and uploading the backups according to several YouTube videos…..
It took a while for me to realise I had to unlock the Continue reading If you must growl at the Gods – Don’t Bloody Give Up!!

Crimes of Religious Intolerance…..

Is a phrase I have often heard over the last few years, but how far back does it really go and why are the main perpetrators so rarely accused of it??

Now here is the question I want you to consider…..
I am sure you are all well aware that the christians had a go at stealing our holydays, renaming Bunny-Tree-1and changing them as much as they could, but how much thought have you really given to their crimes of religious intolerance??


Who is responsible and who is to blame? Take a close look at the facts and the Continue reading Crimes of Religious Intolerance…..

Occult Power vs Social Programming

Occult Power vs Social Programming
I wonder which will win…..

Is it even possible that this can be a fair fight?
A fight is what it must be, even for those who love peace, for the wakeful are starting from a position of serious disadvantage.

I am the one known as Lady Jennifer, sometimes called by a title inLJ Aura 25% Old English which means “ Continue reading Occult Power vs Social Programming

What is the state of your Occult Library?

        Do you consider your Occult Library to be complete, not bad, or woefully lacking in the important texts for witch you have spent years longing?
Do you have more books than you could possibly read and yet want more, or are you comfortable with your selection??

It grows and teaches you. It imparts it’s knowledge, asking little in return…..

Now comes perhaps the most important question of all…..
occult-teetering_6 Continue reading What is the state of your Occult Library?

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